Holy Family Catechesis

Sometimes God gives us opportunities that come our way in times of adversity. During this time of pandemic we have faced many challenges. We also have unique opportunities that may never come our way again. Time spent with family, without rushing from one activity to another; time to pause and reflect on what’s important.

That’s why we’ve launched Holy Family Catechesis at Our Lady of Joy.

We want to take this opportunity to really invest in our families as they strive to live their Catholic Faith and pass it on to their children.

We have streamlined our curriculum for Kindergarten through 5th grade to emphasize what is most essential in God’s loving plan of salvation in Christ. We want it to be stress free, (and even fun!) for our families. You could think of it as a year to focus on “getting back to the basics” of our Faith.

Each month has a core doctrinal focus. The doctrine (or topic) will be the same for every grade, with the activities and explanations “spiraling” so as to grow a bit deeper as the grade level goes up.

Once each month, parents (arranged in different groups) will sign into an online video call from 7:00-8:00pm. During this call, the doctrine for that month will be explained on an adult level. Next, we will discuss how to hand this on to your children at their age level, as well as how to live this as a family.

Each month, every family will receive a box from Our Lady of Joy containing supplies, worksheets, and materials needed for that month’s lessons. Families will be encouraged to work at their own pace, with no particular weekly requirements or due dates.

Parents will also be able to utilize optional video calls, emails, or phone calls for additional support from Sr. Mary Eileen or other catechists as needed.

In-person gatherings, if and when feasible and desirable, can be discussed with parents and offered as optional. For example, perhaps the 2nd grade class would like to get together for an outdoor story time or rosary. The 3rd grade First Communion/Confirmation children may wish to visit the Church together and then play a game.

We are very excited about our “home grown” catechetical resources being made available to our families and their children, such as:

  • Songs sung by Fr. Clement that children can sing along with on our YouTube channel.
  • Stories told by our expert catechist, Dorothea Smith, also readily available on YouTube.
  • Our own muppet named “Mosely” who makes special appearances in our videos.

This is not simply an “online program”; this is our unique way of staying connected with, supporting, and ministering to our families at Our Lady of Joy.

Holy Family Catechesis will give us something stable that we can count on, no matter what the circumstances in our constantly changing post-Covid world. It will strengthen our families in faith, hope, and love.

Whenever we are back in person, we know things will be different. We look forward to taking everything we’ve experienced during this unique time and letting its lessons guide us to the next level.

Welcome to Holy Family Catechesis!

Registration for 2020-21 School Year

Cost per child:
Suggested amount $75 for materials, etc.
$40 for Catholic school/home school children Sacramental prep only

**We know that during this time many have experienced financial hardship. Please remember that this is a suggested donation. If you have financial hardship and cannot pay the full amount, please pay what you can afford. We are grateful for whatever everyone can do to continue to support our parish during this challenging time. **