Make the Extra Effort

01-15-2020(Being) Catholic MattersDavid Lins

Often, we mentally miss Sunday’s readings. There are several reasons this might happen. We find ourselves distracted by something in the church. We are preoccupied with worry over struggles we weren’t able to leave at the door. Our minds wander to fear about our future. Exhaustion strikes as soon as we stop moving for the first time in days.

Whatever the reason, we miss something special.

I’m reminded of those horrible moments when I realized I drifted away while my wife was talking to me. I’m reminded of the hurt I caused in those moments. I’m reminded of the extra effort I’ve dedicated to ensure that rarely – if ever – happens going forward.

We need to do the same for our Lord. We have every excuse in the book, but we all know it’s better to live in such a way that excuses aren’t necessary.

This weekend you might’ve missed the answer to four little questions:

Who is Jesus?

From this weekend’s Gospel: “He is the one who will baptize with the Holy Spirit.”

Who are we?

From this weekend’s First Reading: “The Lord said to me: You are my servant.”

What does God want from us?

From this weekend’s Second Reading: “You… have been sanctified by Christ Jesus, called to be holy.”

How should we respond?

From this weekend’s Psalm response: “Here am I, Lord; I come to do your will.”

Next weekend, let’s all resolve to make the extra effort. To take responsibility and overcome distractions. To leave worry at the door of the church and replace them with faith on the way out. To hand our future to the Lord without fear. And to unite our exhaustion to the suffering of Christ for the prayer intentions of our choosing. Most of all, let’s dedicate ourselves to avoid hurting the Lord by ignoring him as he speaks to us.

We might even get some of our questions answered.

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